What are two bad insulators?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What are two bad insulators?
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Are diapers good insulators?

diapers are good insulators because they hold in the cold and and heat but is a bad conductor

Name 2 insulators?

Insulators are materials or substances that do not readily allow the passage of sound or heat. Two examples of insulators are glass and porcelain.

What is the name of two insulators?

Insulators in electricity can be glass or ceramic.Insulators in heating can be polystyrene or fibre panels.

Why some of the materials are insulators?

They are bad conductors ,they do not allow heat transfer.

What are two kind of insulators?

Copper and a Styrofoam

what are bad insulators list as many as possible?

glass,copper,silver,plastic WHAT ELS

What are some heat insulators?

Some heat insulators are fiberglass, polyurethane foam, and polystyrene. Two other thermal insulators used as insulating materials in building construction are mineral wool and cellular glass.

What can occur when two insulators are rubbed together?

static electricity

Name two good insulators?

heater and portable barbecues

What materials are effective insulators?

I know glass and plastic are two...

What are two materials that act as good insulators?

-- air -- cloth

What are the properties of electricity?

good conductors of heat bad insulators low resistence high conductivity