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One is grounding

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Q: What are two different ways charged objects can be discharged?
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What are two ways the electric force between two charged objects can be increased?

The electric force between two charged objects can be increased by increasing the magnitude of the charges on the objects or by decreasing the distance between the objects.

What are some ways in which an object can become charged?

Some ways in which an object can become charged are friction, contact and induction.

What is the number of ways to arrange 3 objects from a set of 8 different objects?

How many different ways can we arrange 9 objects taken 3 at a time?

What are two ways an object can be discharged?

An object can be discharged through either conduction, where the charge flows from the object to a conductor, or through induction, where the charge redistributes within the object due to the presence of a nearby charged object.

What are the different ways to charge an electroscope?

An electroscope can be charged by conduction, where it is touched by a charged object transferring charge to the electroscope, or by induction, where a charged object is brought close to the electroscope causing charge separation within it. Additionally, an electroscope can also be charged by friction, where two objects are rubbed together transferring charge to the electroscope.

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bua si mylene

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What are three ways that objects can become charged?

Objects can become charged through friction, conduction, and induction. friction occurs when two objects rub against each other, transferring electrons; conduction happens when a charged object is directly touched by another object, transferring charge; and induction involves charging an object without direct contact by bringing a charged object near it, causing a redistribution of charges.