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In The Odyssey, Odysseus shows his superior physical strength by stringing his bow easily, which no other suitor could do, and Telemachus could barely have done.

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Odysseus in quite strong.

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Q: What are two events where Odysseus uses his strategies over strength?
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What strategies does Odysseus use to overcome Scylla?

He doesn't over come Scylla once scylla kills 6 of his crew members that get out

What is the source of Calypso's power over Odysseus?

Calypso has the power of immorality over Odysseus.

What is the source for the story of Odysseus refusing to fight in the Trojan War?

The strolling bards who sang the many versions of the story in Greece over several centuries after the events.

Odysseus figures out two plans to trick the Cyclops. Both plans rely on intellect rather than force. Which best states the theme that this develops?

Cunning over strength

Why did Odysseus leave Troy?

The war was over, and Odysseus wanted to return home to Ithaca.

How does the cyclops display pride when Odysseus addresses him?

The cyclops displays pride when Odysseus addresses him by bragging about his own strength and independence as a powerful being, emphasizing his superiority over the other creatures. He also boasts about how he has never had to ask for help from the gods or anyone else, further showcasing his pride and self-reliance.

What is going on at Odysseus's home?

Suiters are taking over Odysseus' home, trying to court his wife.

Which veterans did Odysseus not speak to in Hades?

Ajax would still not speak to Odysseus in Hades, as he was still angry at Odysseus over the battle for Achilles' armour.

List at least five images or events from Odysseus's battle with the suitors?

he shoots antinous in the throat (to start the battle) Odysseus asks Athena for help, but Athena says Odysseus must prove himself first Odysseus and his fellow fighters throw four spears that hit, while the opponents' miss. this is Athena's doing a dark cloud takes the shape of Athena's shield over the suitors, and omen of death Hermes comes and leads the suitors' ghosts to the underworld

What was the reason of Poseidon's wrath over Odysseus?

Poseidon was on the side of the Trojans, Odysseus was not. Odysseus also blinded Poseidon's son, a Cyclops... whose name I will not attempt to spell.

What is the name of the kingdom Odysseus rules over?


Why did the gods not like Odysseus?

um.... I think that you have got this mixed up. All the gods except for Poseidon favored Odysseus. Poseidon had a grudge over Odysseus because Odysseus blinded Poseidon's son Polyphemos.