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What are two examples of insect pollinated plants?

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Cherry trees and tomato plants.

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What are two adaptations of insect-pollinated flowers?

Color and fragrance are two adaptations of insect-pollinated flowers. Flowering plants which benefit from insect pollinators need to call attention to themselves by arthropod-attractive scents and striking colors.

What are Two characteristics of an insect pollinated flowers?


What are two examples of wind pollinated plants?

Dandelion Wheat Grass(mostly any grass) Rag weed

What are the two kinds of pollination?

The two kinds of pollination are1. self-pollination2. cross-pollination.note - the Q may have been after insect pollinated, and wind pollinated.

When two pea plants with Tt traits are cross-pollinated, what offspring will result?

usually tall

Examples of divergent evolution in plants?

The cactus and cereus are two examples of divergent evolution in plants.

What is two examples of a unicellular plants?


What are two examples of vascular plants?

Vascular plants are types of plants that have the vascular tissues xylem and phloem. Examples :- 1) ferns 2) clubmosses

How would you make sure that a seed was produced from 2 plants that you wanted to breed?

remove the anthers or stigmas of the two plants to prevent accidental or self-pollination after you have hand pollinated them

What are two examples of flowering plants?

sunflowers and daffodils

What a two types of vascular plants?

Two types of vascular plants are trees and ferns. Other examples of vascular plants are grasses and shrubs.

How is angiosperm evolution related to insect evolution?

Many angiosperm are pollinated by insects who depend on the angiosperm for food. A co-evolutionary relationship, so to speak, has developed between these two taxa.

What are two examples of mutualism in the tropical rainforest?

There are many examples of mutualism in the tropical rainforest. Two examples are the ants and fungi and spider with pitcher plants.

Two examples of plants with herbaceous stems?

Chenopodium and Euphorbia

What are two examples of plants that produce by spores?

ferns and mushrooms

When two pea plants with Tt traits are cross-pollinated what offspring will result?

25% TT 50% Tt 25% tt _usu

Two examples of mutualism?

Mutualism is a relationship in which both species mutually benefit. 1. One example is a hummingbird drinking pollen. The hummingbird is fed while the flower is pollinated. 2. Humans and animals giving off carbon dioxide which is used by plants, while plants give oxygen to humans and animals is also an example.

What two things that we get from honey bee?

From the honey bee as the name suggests we get honey. From the honey bee we also get our plants, grains, flowers and fruit trees pollinated.

What are examples of two plants that don't grow from seeds?

orchid and agbati

What are the two examples of the plants which reproduce through leaves are?

bouganvillia and bryophyllum

What are two other examples of an omnivore?

There are many examples of an omnivore, which an animal that eats plants as well as other animals. Two examples of an omnivore would include a raccoon and a bear. Other examples are a fox and alligator.

Food examples of non-vascular plants?

it has two system that we need

Define tropism and give two examples?

The plants reaction to the environment.

What are two examples of plants with non-woody stems?

Wheat & barley

Which two processes do both plants and animals perform?

Two examples are cellular respiration and protein synthesis.

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