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Gravity: because you cant see or feel it. light: light is given off and we see it. these can't be put in a jar.

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What are two examples for each of the four states of matter?

state two examples for each of the four states of matter

Example of matter and nonexample of matter?

Examples of matter would include water, air, and plastic. Examples of things other than matter include heat, light, and magnetism.

Give at least 3 examples of each states of matter?

what are the three main states of matter and give two examples

What two things characterize all matter?

Matter has got mass. Matter occupy space. These are the two characteristics of matter.

What are two examples of chemical properties of matter?

Water and air.

What are the two things that all matter has?

All matter has mass and volume.

Five examples of matter and five examples that are not matter?

Matter is anything that has mass that takes up space. So for example a rock takes up space so that is matter, a chair takes up space. It could be anything around you. Things that aren't matter are ideas and emotions, etc. Things about matter is mass, density, size, volume, weight.

What are the two changes of matter give 3 examples about the two changes of matter?

liquid to solid, solid to liquid, liquid to gas.

Identify five examples of matter and five examples of nonmatter?

Matter: Water, food, chair, couch, air Nonmatter: no such thing

What are examples of matter that doesn't melt?

Dry ice, or solid carbon dioxide, camphor are two examples.

List the three states of matter and two examples for each?

what are forms of matter which breakdown into liquids, then into gases

What two things do all matter have in common?

All matter has mass and volume.

What are other examples of things not made of matter except for gravity?

Light, Energy, and Heat.

Does matter contain heat?

No, They are two different things

List five examples of matter and five examples that are not matter?

what is the exam ple of the matter

What are non-examples of matter?

The question is ambiguous and awkward. Matter is defined as something that has mass (and usually volume). Things that do not have mass include such things as electromagnetic radiation, thoughts, etc.

What are three states of matter and give two examples for each?

The three states of matter include solids, liquids and gases. Examples include sand, water and air respectively.

What two groups can all things be described?

All things should fall into the following two categories: Matter and not-matter. Anything physical (eg. a rock) is made of matter, anything spiritual, relationship orientated or arsey science suggestion is not-matter.

Matter that has volume and shape?

matter that has volume and shape can be a lot of things! Desks, computers, animals, houses, cars, planes, cellphones are all examples of matter that has volume and shape.

List two examples of things proteins help determine about you?

Two example of a register

Two examples for each of the four common states of matter?

Liquid examples water;petrol solid examples book . stone gas methane oxygen

What two things cause changes in matter?

heat and pressure

Two things that determine the state that matter is in what are they?

temperature and pressure

What are 3 things that are not examples of matter?

There are multitudes of answers for this question. Some things are: Energy (non-matter) Light Electricity Thermal energy (heat) Solar wind Magnetic field Chemical Bonds

Two examples of flammable things?

1) gasoline 2) paper