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Q: What are two similarities and differences between the elements sodium and oxygen?
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What are the similarities and differences between arobic ressperation and anarobic respiration?

there is no similarities while there are some differences 1: aerobic respiration contain oxygen while anarobic did't

What are three similarities and three differences between photosynthesis and cellular respiration?

the similarities between cellular respiration and photosynthesis is that they both follow the same basic pattern.The only differences are that photosynthesis gets the energy from sunlight, consumes carbondioxide, and produces oxygen, while cellular respiration consumes oxygen and water, and produces carbon dioxide and water.

What are the similarities and differences between combustion and respiration?

Similarities ; Both involve the movement and chemical change of gases. Difference ; Combustion is the consumption of oxygen and a carbon containing compound to form carbon dioxide. Respiration ; in the consumption of carbon dioxide to form oxygen and biomass using UV light.

What differences do oxygen and gas have between them?

gas is fart and oxygen is for breathing.

What are the differences between oxygen and sulfur?

oxygen is a gas. sulphur isn't

What are the differences between lithium and oxygen?

lithium is with l & oxygen is with o

What are the similarities and differences between a lake and a stream?

Lakes are larger and deeper than streams. Streams have cleaner and cleaner water and higher oxygen content than slow-flowing streams.

What Similarities consumer production theory?

Consumers require the products of producers (e.g. oxygen, carbohydrates) and contribute the chemical elements of carbon dioxide and water, which are required for photosynthesis by producers.

What are Differences between oxygen and nitrogen?

Oxygen has one more proton, and a valance of -2.

What are the similarities between plant food and animal food?

They involve the same elements (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, magnesium, etc.) and they involve at least some of the same molecules (particularly water).

A material made from metallic elements and oxygen is a?

Compounds between metals and oxygen are called oxides.

Differences between fermentation and respiration?

one uses oxygen to get energy and the other uses yeast!Fermentation does not need oxygen. Aerobic respiration need oxygen