What are two types of temperature degrees?


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degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit

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degrees of arc and degrees of temperature.

There are very many temperature scales.

Temperature is measured in degrees. There two generally used types of degrees, degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius. One Fahrenheit degree equals 1.8 Celsius degrees.

tropical rain forest and tropical dry forest -- they differ by degrees or temperature

A Bachelor's in Science (B.S.) and a Bachelor's in Arts (B.A.) are two types of four-year degrees in America.

Zero degrees Celsius, or thirty two degrees Fahrenheit.

Degrees is used in two ways in math and when you want to tell the temperature .

The kiwi has an average body temperature of 38 degrees C, which is 2 degrees lower than other birds and two degrees higher than humans.

I think you tried to write 780 degrees Fahrenheit. Degrees are a measure of temperature. Kilometers indicate distance. You can't convert between the two because they are not the same types of measurements.

100 degrees Celsius 212 degrees Fahrenheit

You haven't told us which one is higher, so there are two numbers that satisfy the given conditions:Could be 80.5 degreesCould also be minus 46.5 degrees

Cold blooded animals are types of animals that body temperature change depending on what environment like turtles. If turtles are in a place that is 50 degrees they will be 50 degrees.

Degrees can have 2 menings: Temperature or Angles Temperature: is a way of saying how hot or cold something is. Angles: is a way of showing the angle of two lines

THHN wire has two temperature ratings. 90 degrees C in dry locations and 75 degrees C in wet locations.

The temperature 52 degrees Celsius is equal to 125.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Celsius and Fahrenheit are the two most common units of measurement for temperature.

Below thirty two degrees (32F)

One or two degrees either side of 5 degrees Centigrade (Celsius) is ideal - 41 degrees Fahrenheit

two degrees Celsius or a billion degreesCelsius I'm not sure!

It varies between different types of rubber but is from 98 - 175 degrees Celsius.

Milwaukee has an average of 81 degrees F. in July. Two Rivers, Wisconsin advertises that its average summer temperature is 72 degrees.

The Celsius temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit would be 0 degrees.

1300 degrees is the highest temperature, 600 degrees is the lowest temperature, and 1000 degrees Celsius is the typical temperature for magma.

A temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit is equal to a temperature of -6.67 degrees Celsius.

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