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Matter can change in a matter of ways, it can change from: * Condinsation (Gas to a Liquid) * Freezing (Liquid to a Solid) * Melting (Solid to a Liquid) * Evaporation (Liquid to a Gas)

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What are ways heat can change matter?

If you add heat to matter, it can either get it hotter, or it can change the state of matter (for example, from solid to liquid).

What are the two ways in which physical state of matter can be changed?

Two ways in which physical state of matter can be changed:- changing the temperature- changing the pressure

The two general classes of matter?

There are at least two ways to classify matter into two general groups: pure substances and mixtures or homogeneous matter and heterogeneous matter

What are some ways to change a solid without changing its matter?

Just change the phase. Take the solid and melt it. That won't change the matter. Then you can boil the liquid and turn it into a gas. Again, that does not change the matter.

Two Ways to physically mix matter?


In what two ways can velocity change?

Change of speed or direction

How many ways are there to change Matter?

three i think burn, freeze ,liguifie

What are two kinds of changes in matter?

Physical change and Chemical change

What are the two ways pressure can change?

You can change it's area or its temperature.

What are the two ways of classifing matter?

The two ways of classifing matter are (1) On the basis of physical state as a solid, liquid or gas. (2) On the basis of chemical constitution as an element, compound or mixture.

What two ways exist to change the constitution?

The two ways to change the constitution is by amendment or by order of the Supreme Court. The Bill of Rights is an example of amendments to the Constitution.

What are two way to change value of a css property?

There are not two but three ways to change. Inline, Internal and External CSS are three ways of changing CSS.

What are two ways in which carbon is returned to the atmosphere?

Two ways in which carbon is returned to the atmosphere are:During volcanic eruptionsBy oxidation of organic matter

4 ways that physical change can occur in matter?

Here's fiveChange in state (melting,condensation and evaporation)Change in shape (drawing copper into a wire)Mixing of two substances (may be in two states) (salt and water)Breaking of a solid (breaking glass)Change in size (an expansion of air)

What are two ways someone can change the sound of an instrument?

Two ways that you can change the sound of an instrument are tuning or adjustment of the valves. Another way to change the sound of an instrument is to change your technique of blowing or bowing technique. I am sure there are more ways but here are some ideas!

What are 3 ways matter can change?

blowing up and going boom and just blowing

What are the two types of changes matter goes through?

The two types of changes in matter that it goes through is physical change and chemical change... trust me, we are learning this at school.

Two ways to recognize a chemical change?

a new odor or a change in colour

Two ways to change velocity?

speed and direction

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