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What are two ways that winds are described?

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2007-05-17 16:00:38

Winds can be described by their magnitude and direction.

Magnitude (the speed of the wind) can be represented by the actual

wind speed value (typically in knots, mph, or meters per second) or

by a scale such as the Beaufort Scale which categorizes wind speeds

into one of 13 categories from 0 to 12, with each level spanning

between 3 and 6 knots of wind speed (for example Beaufort Force 4

typically represents wind speeds from 11 to 16 knots). The Beaufort

Scale also provides a one or two word description for each level.

Winds of Beaufort Force 4 are described as "moderate" or "moderate

breeze". Direction is typically given in either degrees (0 - 360)

or cardinal coordinates (N, NE, SW, etc) where the value describes

the direction from which the wind is blowing. For example a wind

that is blowing towards the north-east would be described as a

south-westerly wind, or as blowing from 225 degrees.

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