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What are uses of elasticity of demand?


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Elasticity measures help the sales manager in fixing the price of his product. The concept is also important to the economic planners of the country. In trying to fix the production target for various goods in a plan, a planner must estimate the likely demand for goods at the end of the plan. This erequires the use of income elasticity concepts.
The price elasticity of demand as well as cross elasticity would determine the substitution between goods and hence useful in fixing the output mix in a production period. The concept is also useful to the policy makers of the government, in particular in determining taxation policy, minimum wages policy, stabilization programmer for agriculture, and price policies for various other goods (where administered prices are used).
The managers are concerned with empirical demand estimates because they provide summary information about the direction and proportion of change in demand, as a result of a given change in its explanatory variables. From the standpoint of control and management of external factors, such empirical estimates and their interpretations are therefore, very relevant.