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What are value of prefixes?

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kilo- 1,000 thousand

hecto- 100 hundred

deka- 10 ten

gram- weight

meter- distance

deci- 0.1 tenth

centi- 0.01 hundredth

mili- 0.001 thousandth

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What isprefixes how related with uncertainty?

prefixes are derived part of large value they are often use to write a large value in small form z 10 6

What are the prefixes of member?

What are the prefixes of member

what words are prefixes?


What are all prefixes for selfish?

Their are no prefixes for selfish

Which are the prefixes?

The prefixes come before the root word. Prefixes also have Latin or Greek meanings.

What are prefixes for code?

Prefixes for code:decoderecode

What are prefixes for do?

Un- and re- are two prefixes for "do."

How should I do my prefixes?

you should watch a video about them

What is the value of a British Pound Note signed J Page?

These are not uncommon, and value depends on condition and the serial number type in use. Furthermore, there are two main types of pound note with that signature. The first type with Britannia on the back varies between £2 for common prefixes in EF condition, to £200+ for prefixes S87L to S90L. The second type with Newton on the back varies between £2 as above to £100-200 for prefixes M01 and 81Z

How can decimal place-value relate to metric prefixes?

Ewan ko tanong mo satatay mo Gago ! P4k you

Which compound use prefixes?

covalent compounds use prefixes

How many prefixes for press?

None. Press is press with no prefixes.

Why do clouds have different prefixes?

The prefixes indicate the type of cloud.

What is the meaning prefixes mis?

What is the prefixes of the wor mis

What prefixes add double letters to a word?

No prefixes do this to a word.

Are prefixes allowed in Scrabble?

In scrabble, prefixes connecting with a word (rebuild) are legal, but prefixes by themselves are not allowed (just re).

What is the main value of knowing the general meaning of a word's prefix or suffix?

I would think that knowing prefixes and suffixes would come in handy if you don't know a word - you'd be able to decipher it's meaning by determining the meaning of it's prefixes or siffixes.

Is perfection a prefixes or suffixes?


Other prefixes for explode?

The other prefixes for explode are "post" and "pre".

Two prefixes that mean within?

two prefixes that means "within"

Why are prefixes fo metric are useful?

The prefixes are all powers of 10. The main prefixes are milli, centi, deci, deca, hecto, and kilo.

Why do you use prefixes?

we need to use prefixes so we can describe all the words

What words end with prefixes?

None. Prefixes come in front of a root word .

What are prefixes?

A prefix is a word form that attaches to the beginning of another word or word root, that alters or specifies its meaning.Examples of prefixes :re- (to repeat or undo an action) : reconstitute, rerun, reenterpre- (before) : preview, preregister, predictionexo- (outside) : exoskeleton, exospherein/non/un- (negative, not, or undo) : inactivity, untie, non-perishable, nonfatMetric systemThe International System of Units (SI) specifies a set of unit prefixes known as SI prefixes or metric prefixes. These set the value of a unit in powers of 10.(see related question and link below)

What prefixes can be used with the word mobile?

No, because the word was created in past century and there no official prefixes for "Mobile". You might found some prefixes from your friends