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equipment, material

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What type of variables are in experiment?

the only variables in an experiment are the independent variables [the thing in an experiment your going to change. and the dependent variables [the thing in an experiment your going to measure.

What are the variables that do not change in an experiment called?

Variables that do not change in an experiment are independent variables.

The difference between the independent and dependent variables?

Independent variables are variables that can be changed in an experiment, while dependent variables are variables that change as a result of an experiment. In other words, independent variables are what you change, and dependent variables are the results of the experiment.

How do variables affect a scientific experiment?

The variables make the experiment more controlled

When a variable is changed in an experiment it is said to be the?

There are two types of variable, independent variables and dependent variables. Dependent variables are the type of variable that are changed in an experiment. Independent variables are not altered by the experiment.

Why is it important to identify as many variables as possible in an experiment?

It is important to Identify as many variables as possible in an experiment because variables change the answer/s. The more variables you identify, the easier it will be to prove your answer/experiment.

How many variables are in an experiment?

A variable affects the outcome of an experiment. The amount of a variable in an experiment will vary depending on the experiment and how many variables you want to effect it. Some variables can be controlled while others can not.

How many variables do you change in an experiment?

in a well tested experiment how many variables change

What are the variables that are not changed in an experiment?

The control variables.

Which variables are constant in an experiment?

The controlled variables

Why are variables important in an experiment?

Without variables, you have no experiment. You need variables in an experiment because without them you are left with multiple tests with an empty data table and no conclusion or discussion.

An experiment in which all variables stay the same is called?

An experiment in which all variables stay the same is called a "controlled experiment".

What are the different variables during an experiment?

Independent variablesDependent variables

What type of variables are factors that are measured in an experiment?

dependent variables

Variables in an experiment whose effect you are testing?

'Known' Variables

What variables are kept unchanged throughout the experiment?

control variables

Does an experiment have to have variables?

yes it does

What is the difference between manipulated variables and controlled variables?

They are the same. These are names for the variables in an experiment that are controlled by the experimenter, as opposed to the output variables, the results you collect at the end of the experiment Hope this helped!

What name is give to variables that are kept the same during an experiment?

Potential variables that are kept the same during an experiment are control variables.The values being altered and tested are experimental variables.

How do you describe variables in an experiment operationally?

Variables work by telling you what you need to change, what to observe, and what to keep the same in a experiment.

What are control variables important in experimenting?

the reason it is important to controll the variables in an experiment is because if the variables are not controlled in an experiment it will be impossible to reproduce the experiment. which also will make it impossible to prove the theory being tested

What are constant variables and y r they important in an experiment?

. Constant variables are variables which cannot be changed with the experiment. To remember their name is easy just think about Constance. They are important to an experiment because without all three variables there would be no complete experiment. Also the constant variables are important to an experiment because they help complete the result. Without a constant variable you. Would not be testing correctly

Is an experiment always have variables?

Everything in an experiment that can change in some way is a variable. The goal is to have a completely controlled environment where the only changing variables are the dependent and independent variables but often other variables change too. Experiments must have variables because otherwise there would be nothing to test in the experiment. In an experiment, it is the change in one variable that you are measuring.

What are the variables for science project?

The thing that you change, from experiment to experiment.

What does it mean to control the variables in an experiment?

Controls are the things you leave the same when you do an experiment. Variables are the things you affect in an experiment to see if it makes a difference. It depends on the experiment how you would "control" the variable.

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