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What are vestigial structures?

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A structure that has no use in the organism

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Structures of an organism that once served a function in the organism's ancestors but no longer are used.

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Related Questions

What do you call structures that have no current function?

Vestigial structures have no current function. Vestigial structures.

What do you call structures that have no use?

vestigial structures.

What are vestigial structures found in humans?

The appendix is our vestigial structure.

How do vestigial structures work?

They don't, vestigial structures are biological structures with no known function that evolved from structures in distant ancestors that used to have a function that is no longer needed.

What are two examples of vestigial structures?

Two structures (in humans) that are thought to be vestigial are the coccyx (tail bone) and the appendix. Although, they do have a purpose and are not seen as vestigial anymore.

Why might animals have vestigial structures?

Vestigial structures are the expressed genetic remnants indicatory of a species evolutionary past. In humans one such vestigial remnant is the coccyx, which were once part of tail structures in our primate ancestors.

How the existence of vestigial structures can be explained by Darwin's theory of natural selection?

Vestigial structures are eyes of cave-dwelling salamanders

How do vestigial structures provide evidence for evolution?

The assumption is that it wasn't always vestigial.

What are structures without a present day function called?

Vestigial structures.

What do homogous structures vestigial structures and fossils provide evidence of?


What are some vestigial structures?

The tonsils and appendix.

What describes once useful structures?


Do lions have any vestigial structures?


What are some examples of vestigial structures?

Most of the "higher evolved" animals I can think of have a vestigial structure or two. The most common example given is of the vestigial leg structures that can be found in the back of whales. Ostriches can't fly so i think their wings are considered vestigial. Humans have a vestigial tail bone.

What are structures without a present-day function called?

Vestigial structures

How do you define vestigial structure?

Vestigial structure is used in application to structures that are determined genetically but do not have the ancestral function.

Vestigial structures in humans?

Tailbones, tonsils, appendix,

Body structures that don't seem to have a function?


A body part with no apparent function?

Vestigial structures

What describes once-useful structures?


Can you use vestigial structures in a sentence?

Yes you just did

What is the best explanation for the presence of vestigial structures?

its a body

What are the wings found on an ostrich known as?

vestigial structures.

How do vestigial structures provide evidence of evolution?

Many species have vestigial structures, especially in the animal kingdom. Two good examples are the vestigial legs in whales and some snakes. This is clear evidence that whales and snakes are descended from creatures that had functional legs. This is strong evidence of evolution, since there is no other plausible explanation, religious or scientific, for vestigial structures.

What are structures that have no apparent function but resemble structures of presumed ancestors called?

Vestigial organs.