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The peel of an orange contains Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid. The peel actually provides more Vitamin C than the pulp. 136mg per 100g of Vitamin C is provided by the peel, while 71mg is provided by the pulp.

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Q: What are vitamins present in orange?
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What vitamins that the orange contains?

vitamins that orange contains is vitamin c or a

What does orange contains?

an orange contains vitamins a and c,

Which has more vitemens orange or apple?

orange is more vitamins

What vitamins and minerals do an orange contain?

It contains vitamins c which is really important for your body.

What are the main vitamins in an orange?

Vitamin c.

What is the good source of an orange?

Vitamins and water

What are some orange fruit facts?

it has vitamins

What are the vitamins and nutrients get in orange?

Vitamin A/C

Can eat orange when in hungry?

yes of course because orange is not dangerous food it has a vitamins.......................

What does orange gives us?

no sugar but plenty of vitamins

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