What are volleyballs made from?


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Some are made of synthetic rubber. The size four, hand-stitched item features a seamless inner bladder made of a rubber molded material. Company logos can be printed on the front panel. Items made of PVC are also available. Other materials include: waterproof, synthetic leather soccer balls with latex rubber bladders.


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volleyballs are made in France

regulation volleyballs are made of leather or synthetic leather

The very first volleyball was made from toothpaste hardened.

Mini volleyballs are much smaller than regular volleyballs but beginner volleyballs are the same size as regular volleyballs but are lighter

A volley ball is made out of "leather". They can be made out of leather, sincapated leather, or rubber ( those really hurt even of you have been playing or a while).

Volleyballs are spherical.

Depends on where you are. Hot weather is for beach volleyball ... beach volleyballs fun too!!!! But if not gym volleyballs the way to go!!!

yes....volleyballs can pop. just like any other ball that has air inside of it with a soft outer shell

There is one volleyball on the court that is shared between two teams. But they can have an infinite number of volleyballs in practice.

Volleyballs are made of synthetic or genuine leather, which is wrapped around a rubber and butyl material known as the bladder.

White. But sometimes blue red yellow and sometimes green. Well actually volleyballs come in every color.

volleyballs are found at walmart

There is no such thing as a "fast" volleyball.

Volleyballs are made out of soft smooth leather. That makes it easier bump, pass set and do all thoughs things in the game of volleyball.

Volleyballs come in many different colors, but typically there are rules about the color of the volleyballs that may be used in matches because bright colors can be distracting.

They can range from $10-$40

mintonette. =] love summa

the molten volleyballs is what i recommend the most

with a 1492s boncie ball. than they starting add a soften material to make the volleyball. the next step they cut lines into the ball. and that's how the volleyball was made.

It depends on the volleyball but most are in the range of $9-$50. The less expensive ones are the Wilson volleyballs and the Spalding Volleyballs

About 395 volleyballs will fit in a volleyball court.

cow hide. and they looked like volleyballsthe official colors are black and whitethe official colors are black and white

Yes. Seasonally-in the summer.

If someone wanted to find information about volleyballs there are a variety of places where someone can do so. Some of these places are Wikipedia, Sports Ball Shop and Amazon.

That depends upn the playing surface. In beach volleyball, you don't get any bouncing because sand absorbs the energy of the ball's impact. But on a hard surface, yes, volleyballs bounce. Volleyballs have to bounce in order for them to be used in volleyball. What would happen if a volleyball didn't bounce on a forearm pass? Think about it.

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