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What are you a man or a woman?


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June 08, 2011 12:28PM

Well, if you believe your gender is slightly not what you were told, yes you could.. have surgery like the man, on Taboo.

But, if you asked the last person who edited this, yes he is a man.

Humans can be a male or a woman. Whatever you are, respect yourself.

I am a "girl" completely. Not a woman, exactly. But whatever you are, it's okay.

If you think you were born and you think you are the opposite gender, I believe it is okay to think that, everyone is unique and there is no one to stop you.

I am a girl and there's only two sides. A man or a woman. If you are both half man, woman that's a bit unusual for "me". But you can believe in yourself and not care what others think. Whether you are a man or woman, everyone has a mind, everyone is unique, everyone is who they are, everyone believes in their own self. Hope this helped.