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I don't have the ability to eat or taste food, but I'm here to help you find a meal that matches your cravings!

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2mo ago
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Q: What are you in the mood to eat?
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What is an example of mood in song lyrics?

Some people's mood swings are often unexpected

Why do you havepancakes?

sometimes your just in the mood to eat pancakes.

What should I eat if I am hungry?

You should eat a punpun...they are seriously tasty, if you are not in the mood, eat a creamcheese bagel

When do you eat Peanut Butterscotch cookies?

You eat Peanut Butterscotch cookies when you are hungry and are in the mood for them. :)

Do cats like to eat cakes?

Well my cats eat cake sometimes but only when they're in the mood.

What happens right after you eat steroids?

anger, constipation mood swings

Are you pregnant if you pee a lot and eat a lote and you mood changes?

yes its possibe

Does ecstasy affect your mood permanently?

No. Maybe for 1 day to a week after but that's about it. Drink a lot of orange juice and eat almonds (: (But if "dead" is a mood, then yes.)

What is appitite?

i think like ur mood about what you want to eat. im not sire thou.

What best describes appetite?

It depends on how hungry you are and what youre in the mood to eat(ex.if youre hungry for pizza) so what best describes it would probly be hunger and mood i guess, hop i helped

How many cookies can Harrison Eat?

If hes starving: 20 If hes in a mood :30 If hes If hes being a egg: Ill eat his cookies... :) From hwaka..

Can you give a baby horse apple's?

you can give it whatever you want. if it's in a mood to eat it or not that's a different story.