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Q: What are you to leave for child in leprechaun trap?
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How do you trap a leprechaun in a leprechaun trap?

Begin by placing the trap in a place sure to be seen by several of the leprechaun clans. Then litter the trap with oranges - leprechauns love oranges.

How Big Should A Leprechaun Trap Be?

about three and a half feet........they're short little fellows!!! Why would you want to trap a leprechaun?

If you trap a leprechaun is that bad luck?

No its not bad luck but it maybe dangerous. It is believed that when you trap a leprechaun you will be granted 3 wishes. When making a wish you need to be very careful that the Leprechaun does not trick you.

How do you make a leprechaun for a leprechaun trap?

Leaving your ball sack hanging underneath a tree.

Where do you set your trap for the leprechaun?

at the end of the ranibow

When a child sets up a leprechaun trap what should i do as a parent?

I tried doing this before, my parent just hid it in a different room that I wasn't in.

What is the story the leprechaun trap about?

The Leprechaun Trap is a short story that appeared in the Highlight's children's magazine. It is about a thief who believed he could outsmart the leprechauns and steal their gold. But they turn the tables on him.

How would a leprechaun trap be easy?

Take a box and make a trap door then put gold in and boom

When should you put out a leprechaun trap?

The night before St.Patricks day.

Thing to put in a leprechaun trap?

Shiny stuff, chocolate, and green sparkles

How do you get a leprechaun in your trap?

you haft to find out what they eat and put glitter and gold beads.

How can a person find a leprechaun?

You need to have a cage or trap. I'm making one right now.