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What are your qualities that suites your application being a telephone operator?



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A good telephone operator must posses qualities that will make him/her an effective telephone operator.

First, a good telephone operator must know how to greet customers with a smile because smiles can be heard over the phone and it will be easier for both parties to express themselves about a certain problem. Second, an operator should know how to listen carefully because it wasn't nice for an operator to be asking for repetition. Third, an operator should apologized for the inconvenience then give necessary solutions for the customer's query. During this process. an operator should speak clearly in the sense that the customer would not be asking to what the operator has uttered; concise in a way that the operator can say the words shorter  but make sense. and with confidence because this shows that you are very sure of what you are telling. all this qualities that an operator should have will result to a high quality telephone operator services as well as an effective telephone operator..