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This would be the coral reef. It has a large variety of marine and plant life that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.


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Tropical rain forests. (not counting marine biomes)

i read about this in class, marine because it take up 70% of the earth. It's not just diverse because it takes up that much space, it is because there are a lot of different species living amongst one another.

desceibe the importance of seaweed in marine ecosystem

The answer to your question is that a marine ecosystem is saltwater because it deals with the ocean.

The term "Marine ecosystem" means that its underwater. Example: An ocean or a lake.

no it is the terretrial (land) ecosystem

Water and light are abiotic elements found in a marine ecosystem.

marine ecosystem depends on water temperature, water depth, and the amount of sunlight

The marine (oceanic) ecosystem, as the stingray is a saltwater fish.

Manatees inhabit a marine ecosystem.

Marine ecosystem and desert ecosystem.

Global warming has an effect on the marine ecosystem. Warming temperatures can result in the death of plants and animals that are key to the survival of the marine ecosystem.

Marine or salt lake ecosystem is called salt water ecosystem .

The marine ecosystem has highest level of salinity.

An aquatic ecosystem is an ecosystem located in bodies of water. Types of aquatic ecosystems are The Marine Ecosystem and The Freshwater Ecosystem.

Terrestrial ecosystems,The Forest Ecosystem,The Desert Ecosystem ,The Grassland Ecosystem,The Mountain Ecosystem,Aquatic Ecosystems,The Marine Ecosystem and The Freshwater Ecosystem

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109922 109922 what?????

Phytoplankton are the primary producers in a marine ecosystem.

a marine ecosystem includes oceans,salt,marsh and intertidan ecology.

A decomposer in a marine ecosystem is an organism that acquires its biomass from dead organisms within the ecosystem. These such organisms would be bacteria, fungi, shipworms, Meiofauna such as nematodes, and Microbes such as amoebas.

The benefit of the coral reef to the marine ecosystem is that it is a habitat. The majority of the ocean's species live in or around coral reef.

There aren't any. The Marine Ecosystem is made up of living things, which aren't considered "resources" from an environmental stand point.

Depends on the plankton. Phytoplankton live in a marine ecosystem

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