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Q: What areas have the greatest amount of wind erosion and deposition why?
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What areas have the greatest amount of wind erosion and depoition?

*deposition of course, areas near mountains especially if there are less trees on it.

What do weathering erosion and deposition do to the earths surface?

It makes rock, etc. move to different areas which causes more things to happen!

Which type of erosion and deposition is most common in coastal areas around the gulf of Mexico?

I think it is wind eroisions

Were does the least amount of erosion occur?

I really don't know the answer to this question. but people tell me that the least amount of erosion happens near warm and dry areas. Erosion's are most likely to occur the least in deserts.

Which human activity will most likely increase the amount of soil erosion?

clear-cutting wooded areas

What areas in Canada experience the greatest amount of fog?

east coast or newfoundland

Areas that contain the greatest amount of diversity of plant and animal species on earth?


Where would you find the greatest amount of precipitation in tierra del fuego?

western areas (":

How does erosion affect mountainous areas?

Erosion affects mountainous areas because erosion may flatten one area of our planet, but other areas rise to keep a balance. Hope this helps.

Where does soil erosion mostly occur?

soil erosion mostly occur in hilly areas,coastal areas etc.

What does uncomformity mean?

An unconformity is a gap in time of the rock record. In a stratigraphic column this is evidence that erosion has removed a portion of the natural deposition of sediment in an area. In a disconformity erosion takes place between sedimentary rocks that have not been otherwise modified. In an angular unconformity, previous bedding has been tilted from its original deposition and undergone erosion, and is topped by new sediment that is deposited horizontally on top of this tipped surface. In a nonconformity, huge amounts of erosion have exposed igneous or metamorphic basement rock and there is an igneous or metamorphic rock contacting sedimentary rock.

What was the greatest factor in shaping the North American cultures?

The amount of rainfall in individual areas was the greatest factor in shaping North American culture groups.