What argus was to Odysseus?

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argus to odysseus?

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Q: What argus was to Odysseus?
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Related questions

What is Argus' relationship to Odysseus?

Argus was Odysseus' faithful dog. The Greek name is actually Argos.

What is Odysseus reaction to seeing Argus?

Odysseus feels really sad and then Argus dies because he is 20+ years old. Argus was just a puppy when Odysseus first left on his voyage.

What happened to Odysseus' dog Argus?

Odysseus' dog Argus was neglected, and left to it's own devices. Argus was sleeping in a dung heap when he recognized his old master twenty years later. Argus then has a heart attack and dies.

What does Argus do when he hears Odysseus?

he wages his tail.

What condition is argus in when Odysseus returns?

Argus is neglected, and lying in piles of manure, covered in flies.

Who is the only person to recognize Odysseus?

Argus the dog

Is it a coincidence that Argus dies right after Odysseus returns home?

No, that was meant to symbolize Argus' devotion to Odysseus-the dog refused to die until he had seen his master at least once

Who is Argus from The Odyssey?

Argus was Odysseus' prized hunting dog that was young and in its prime when Odysseus had to leave for the Trojan war. Argus was supposed to be looked after by the servants, but was eventually tossed out on the streets to die. He lived a long time - about 20 years. His last moments were when he saw his master, Odysseus, disguised as the beggar, and knowing that he had been with his master, he took his terminal breath and died a happy death. Argus also is a symbol of how after Odysseus left, his kingdom and dog, degraded.

When did argus die?

He died after seeing Odysseus return to his homeland of Ithica.

Who recognized Odysseus outside his home and died an instant later?

His Dog Argus

What does Odysseus dog do when Odysseus reurns?

Odysseus' dog, Argus, recognizes Odysseus even when he is dressed up as a beggar and wags his tail. However, because he was neglected, he dies on the spot. :(

How would this scene be different if Argus were younger and more vigorous?

This scene would be different if Argus were younger and more vigorous because if Argus were younger and more vigourous then, well there would be no meaning or symbolism. It wouldn't mean anything if Argus didnt die when Odysseus showed.

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