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Q: What ars the initials for telepathic powers?
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Do brothers and sisters share telepathic powers?


How do you use the word telepathic in sentence?

The telepathic twins in health class that read eachother's minds were awesome!

Is it possible to have telepathic powers?

yes it is my grandmother and mom do

Jean Grey-Summers is born with telepathic and telekinetic powers Where is she from?

St. Louis, Missouri

What is the shape of this sampling distribution?

No, your telepathic powers are not sending me the correct image to be able to answer the question!

Can humans really have telepathic powers?

if you can really commit yourself in training your mind then there is a big possibility

How can Mepiles talk if he doesn't have a mouth?

he can talk because first he is a magical hedgehog and he has telepathic powers

What book is there which deals with telepathic powers?

One book that has received quite good reviews on the online retail site Amazon is "Telepathy: How to Use Your Power of ESP" by author Tom Pearson. The book is essentially a guide on how to unlock your telepathic abilities.

How does a lion defend itself?

It uses its telepathic powers to make the attacker think that it is its mate, and then when it get in close it stabs it with its retractable unicorn horn.

Can human beings have unreal powers?

No as we are humans but some people claim to be telepathic but it is tested that is false hope this helps good luck x

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