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Both of them have painted families, Degas in more instances.

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What did critics say about Degas?

They liked most of what he did.

Why does Edgar Degas like to draw pictures of dancers?

Degas liked to draw pictures of dancers because he enjoyed painting movement.

What themes did Edgar Degas use?

Degas had a favorite theme, the ballet dancers and theatre performers in Paris. He liked capturing moments in contemporary life.

What is the story behind the two ballet dancers by Edgar Degas?

Degas painted a lot of ballet dancers, because he liked to study the human body in action.

Why was Pierre-Auguste Renoir famous?

Because a lot of people liked his paintings.

What da you notice with Beethoven's instrumintation?

he liked to use instruments from all the insrument families

What was Picassos parents job?

His father was an artist and taught drawing and his mum liked to cook

What style of work did David Hockney do?

he was an artist from Bradford and liked to paint swimming pools.

What inspired Jasper Johns to become an artist?

because he liked art.....is it really that hard to guess?

Why did Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser paint?

He liked to focus on the experience of the viewer rather than the artist.

Where did Edgar Degas paint?

Mainly in Paris. In 1872-73 he visited relatives in New Orleans and made quite a few paintings there as well. He liked to paint INSIDE, but he also painted horses at the races.

What do artist's do?

being an artist is a waste of time because their work only gets famous when they die because nobody liked it when they were alive

Use the word popular in a sentence?

The word popular means liked by many people. E.g. The songs by that artist are very popular.

Why did Claude Monet become an artist?

Claude Monet became an artist because even as a child he liked to paint. He would paint pictures of the sea and they would be displayed in an art supply store near his home.

Why do Sampson and Gregory fight with Montagues in romeo and Juliet?

the families have just never liked each other. the hate goes WAY back.

How do you use the word brainwashed in a sentence?

In some divorced families, children are brainwashed against one or the other parent. I was brainwashed by my kidnapper to think I liked him.

What were Henry VIII's interests?

Henry loved music and dancing in his younger days he was also quite an artist, however he was very greedy and liked to be in control.

What is nobles in medieval life?

People who were born into good families the King liked. They could live comfortably and own lots of land. Regular people were poor.

What were the political differences during the US Civil War?

Slavery was not very well liked in the north but in the south most families owned at least 1 or more slaves.

Who is better Coldplay or Lil Wayne?

They're two different genres so you can't compare them, but by how much each artist is liked the most, so the answer to your question is Coldplay

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