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What artist made the old school rap song i Need You?


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LL Cool J made that song

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The artist who made solo is Iyaz. The song came out in 2010.

I believe the artist is Brandi Carlile. The song is called The Story. I believe the artist is Brandi Carlile. The song is called The Story.

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it is a real song and the artist named kesha made it

Need to specify an artist. There are several bands with a song by this name.

I suppose you would need permission from the artist of the song. I am not sure if you exactly need a licence though.

Paul McCartney wrote the song Blackbird for the Beatle's White Album.

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who made old school hip hop song "it's time"

This song is by the artist Lee Ann Womack

Gospel recording artist Lee Williams "In My New Home"

The original artist is Rainy Davis. (1986)

It May Be Audiohole or summit thike dat

The artist is actually Luchini.... took me FOREVER to figure it out

It's Called "Fight it Out" But the song was specifically made for that game. It's not a song made by a famous artist that you can download.

unifics but there was someone elsa who song this song im trying to think who made it do u no who made it please let me no

In popular music the song is described as belonging to the artist who made it famous. In jazz and classical the song is attributed the songwriter.

Sade the artist sings this song even though song by some different artist and remixed by different artist this song was also used in certain television shows.

I believe John Sebastian is the artist of this song

The artist on the song is Jaguar Wright.

A person that writes a song.

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