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EPL the salaries are going through the roof, Multi Billionaire owners. Ronaldo has new contract for $250,000 per week salary.. so that's $13 million per year just from Manchester United. Then add on the many endorsements he is on from Nike and various other deals.

Formula 1 is the wealthiest sport in the world, EPL Football is fast catching up as is La Liga in Spain, and Serie A in Italy. ALSO.. a Football players career average is 10 years in top division...AND they can transfer from one countries league to another, for example from the EPL to the Bundesliga in Germany. Contrast this with Gridiron as in NFL the average career length is 3 years, plus they have nowhere else to play as all Gridiron leagues folded (NFL Europe for example)

AnswerIt depends on how good you are. Most likely you get rich by endorsments such as Nike or Gatorade.

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Q: What association football leagues pay the most money to players and where are they located?
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Normal association football is always played with 11 players on the field, and one of them is always a goalie.

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There must be 7 players to continue the match.

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Who has played in all English football leagues?

I can think of Robbie Earnshaw. Not only has he played in all leagues, he has scored hattricks in all divisions...but there must be more players

Who are the highest paid association football players?

Christiano Ronlaod with $16.95 MILLION!

Why is football such a sexist sport?

Most levels of football exclude female players. Some other contact sports have separate leagues for girls and women.

Soccer is called soccer because?

Football watch for FREE in THEDOLIVE. You can enjoy watching all tournaments all around the world, see famous players and react with the VIETNAMESE commentators, all European leagues now jusst in, join us now football fans

How did soccer become a professional sport?

AnswerWhen Association Football (Soccer) was first coded in 1863, the game was strictly amateur. Over the next three decades the game gained in popularity and so did the pressure for Soccer to become a professional sport. Some clubs gave better players illicit payments to retain their services and players were lured from club to club with similar irregular payments. The Football Association came under increasing pressure to eliminate these payments by professionalising the game or risk losing control. In 1895 the Football Association finally relented and allowed payments to players. Today the FA runs both professional and amateur leagues.

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Gene Upshaw, the president of the NFLPA (National Football League Players' Association)

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That depends on which form of football is being played. American football 11 players per team = 22 Association football 11 players per team = 22 Canadian football 12 players per team = 24 Rugby league football 13 players per team = 26 Rugby union football 15 players per team = 30 Gaelic football 15 players per team = 30 Australian Rules football 18 players team = 36

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The English FA wrote the rules for Football in probably from that point.The Football Association (FA) legalised professionalism in 1895. Professional players from the working class had been hired to play football since the 1870s, and their presence caused anxiety among middle-class players, who believed that these professional players were only interested to be paid to win. Aston Villa was the first top-tiered football club that openly hired professional players of the time, although most of the professionals were hired by clubs that were located in the industrial North. It occurred to the Old Boys in the FA that most clubs wanted to win in their leagues, and in order to do that, they had to hire professional players. As a result, they passed their legislation in 1895 on condition that clubs had to follow the transfer window rules and the transfer fee system as a means to limit the transferability of the players.

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