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The first confirmed case of an asteroid orbiting another asteroid is the asteroid Ida which is orbited by a smaller asteroid orbiting it called Dactyl; other asteroid moons have been found since.


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hypnotizingProbably the best known example is the asteroid "Ida" which has a moon called Dactyl.

No. An asteroid can get captured by an asteroid and become a moon, but not the moon. Our moon is too large to be considered an asteroid.

Our moon is not in the asteroid belt. No planet's moon is in the asteroid belt or it would not be a moon.

The Moon is not an asteroid, it is a natural satellite or just a moon.

There is no "impact asteroid". An asteroid impact however is when an asteroid hits a planet or moon.

No, its an asteroid but it has a moon called Dactyl

It can be as big as the moon or bigger!

Dactyl is a moon of the asteroid Ida located in the asteroid belt.

The moon is classified as a "satellite".

Theory suggests that it is a remnant of a large asteroid that struck the Earth

No. The moon is large enough that even a collision with the solar system's largest asteroid would not destroy it.

The Moon is the moon. It isn't a planet, because it orbits the Earth rather than orbiting the Sun. It isn't an asteroid, because it is too big.

It isn't a moon; 90 Antiope is a double asteroid.

The asteroid missed the Earth's atmosphere by inches.We will begin asteroid mining soon.

Moon, asteroid, planetoid...

Mathilde is an asteroid. It is a main belt asteroid that was discovered in 1885 by Johann Paliisa.

A planet has is own rotation, gravity and atmosphere. A moon revolves around a planet and has no atmosphere. An asteroid is a large space debris moving around. A comet is consistent on mainly forzen ice moving through space at fast speeds.

The asteroid belt is shaped like a donut. The earth and moon, mars, venus, mercury and sun are all in the hole in the middle.

Each asteroid has its own escape velocity.

A moon is an object that orbits a planet or similar body. An asteroid that gets caught in orbit around a planet can be considered a moon. Most asteroids instead orbit the sun.

space dust and asteroid impacts

An asteroid had hit Earth and knocked of a chunk that is now called the moon.

No. Titan is Saturn's largest moon. It is larger than the planet Mercury and would be considered a planet if it had its own orbit around the sun.

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