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Champion workout clothes are worn by athletes in all types of sports. Football players, Baseball players and hockey players can all be seen wearing the shorts, shirts and undergarments made by Champion.

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Q: What athletes wear Champion workout clothes?
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What kind of workout bottoms do Olympic athletes wear?

Olympic athletes have long since formed an opinion about their equiptment, and their tastes vary widely. However, most athletes wear clothes with "moisture transport" which wicks perspiration from the skin to the air so that you stay drier. This also cuts down on odor.

Who sales good workout wear clothes from?

You could try Wal-Mart or best buy or Sears they have great workout clothes or you could try these sites they have great workout clothes's-workout-pants.jsp , or this site

Where can I buy women's workout clothes?

Stores like Target and Old Navy carry athletic wear at very reasonable prices (Target even carries Champion!). Also, check out your local sporting goods store.

What kind of workout clothes do I need for weight training?

When weight training, it is good to wear lightweight clothing that allows the skin to breathe. Workout clothes can be purchased at department stores and are made of cotton.

Where can I buy stylish workout clothes?

Most stores that sell brands of clothing, and most sports store that sell brands of athletic wear, sell stylish workout clothes. Inquire your nearest markets.

When did Olympic athletes start to wear clothes?

people start wearing clothes in olympics when they feel they are looking worst dangerous shameless

Name a sport in which the athletes don't wear a lot of clothes?

Basketball Swimming volleyball Soccer Tennis Wrestling Boxing

What clothes do athletes do they wear for long jump?

Athletes should wear footwear suitable for running (sneakers).

Do sports stores sell maternity workout clothes?

Most sporting good stores do not carry maternity workout clothes. However they can be found at retail stores such as The Gap, Motherhood, Target and Old Navy. There are specialty websites for maternity active wear such as FitMaternity and DestinationMaternity.

Where can I find workout clothes for a 5'3 person?

My daughter has the same problem you have. She it tiny and not tall. You can purchase some excellent workout gear from lululemon athletica or even from reebok or gap. Or you might trying children's athletic wear.

Do you know who sales good workout shorts?

Workout clothes aren't necessary to have a good workout. A pair of shorts and a comfortable t-shirt are perfectly acceptable. The shorts should stay up without having to be readjusted. If you prefer to have snug fitting clothes, wear them. You do want to choose clothes that can "breathe" and absorb perspiration. The most important piece of your exercise clothing is your shoes. Shoes should fit well and give good support.

Where can I buy the best women's workout clothes online?

The best place for a beginner to buy their workout clothes is probably going to be Wal-Mart. If you continue to workout after a few weeks you might consider buying a higher quality but slightly more expensive product offline from places like or The internet offers the same product sports wear outlets do but at a cheaper price.