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Tendons connect the bone to the muscle.

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Q: What attached bone to muscle?
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Related questions

Is every muscle attached to a bone?

Yes,every muscle is attached to a bone.

Where is muscle attached to bone?

muscle attaches to bone by a tendon. muscle is attached to an immovable bone, this is called orgin, and the other end of the muscle is attached to a movable bone. this is called insertion.

How does a muscle attached to a bone?

Muscle is attached to bones by tendons.

Describe how muscle is attached to a bone?

The tendon between the muscle and the bone connects the muscle to the bone.

What is attaches bone to bone?

ligaments. tendons are muscle attached to muscle.

What is the end of the muscle attached to an immovable bone?

The end of a muscle attached to a less movable bone is called the origin.

The muscle that is attached to the moving bone is the?

The voluntary bone.

What part of a muscle is usually attached to a fixed location?

A muscle insertion is the end of a muscle attached to the free-moving bone of its joint. A muscle origin is the end of the muscle attached to the relatively fixed bone of the joint.

What muscle is attached to the stationary bone?

The Origin of the Muscle connects to a stationary bone the insertion of a muscle connects to a bone that does move

How can a muscle make a bone move?

Muscles are attached to the bones. When a muscle contrast ,it applies a force to the bone it's attached to,which makes the bone move.

What are muscles attached to?

Muscle to bone = tendons muscle to muscle = aponeurosis

What are muscles found around bone?

All skeletal muscles are attached to bones. Smooth muscle and cardiac muscle are not attached to bone.

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