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Q: What authority does the constitution give to the house of representatives?
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Every state has how many represenatives?

Each state has a different number of representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives. The number is based on the population of the state, with a minimum of one representative per state.

To whom does the Constitution give the power to tax?

The Constitution gives the legislative branch the power to tax. However, only the House of Representatives can introduce tax bills. Those bills must then be approved by the Senate.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the House of Representatives?

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Why doesn't the constitution give the President the authority to control the air force?

Their was no such thing as in air force when the constitution was made

Who wanted salves counted as people and why?

When writing the US Constitution, the slave-holding states wanted to include their slaves when counting their population, because that would give them more representation in the House of Representatives.

How was the debate over the ratification of the constitution resolved?

The two thirds compromise was adapted to give the South more representatives in the House of Representatives. The compromise allowed the South to count two thirds of their slaves with the general population.

Why did the founders of the constitution give the senate a longer term than the House of Representatives?

The main reason for Senators having longer terms than House members is to provide stability. It also, theoretically, makes Senators less likely to be influenced by outside forces.

What reason does constitution give for impeaching a president?

The phrase in article II section 4 is " Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors." Exactly what other high crimes and misdemeanors are is decided by the House of Representatives if and when they vote for impeachment.

Who did the founders give suffrage to at the time of writing the Constitution?

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How can Harry Reid refuse to bring a bill passed by the House to the Senate floor?

The Constitution doesn't give the House of Representatives any power to control what the Senate does. So if the senators don't want to discuss a House bill they don't have to. The Constitution does give the Senate the power to set its own procedure, and if the Senate has chosen to do outrageous things like allow invisible filibusters then the only things you can do about it are to vote for a Senate candidate who is against dodgy Senate procedure or to campaign for a Constitutional Amendment to impose sensible procedures on the Senate.

Why re-election every 2 years for house of representatives?

The Constitution says that they are to be elected every 2 years. As for why that was chosen as the time, I speculate that it is to give them long enough time to get something done after the campaign is over, but short enough time that we can get rid of them if they are no good.

Why do the representatives have the power to impeach?

Because that's what it says in the Constitution. If you mean "why does the Constitution grant them in particular that power," the answer is along the lines of "why not?"To achieve balance of power, the Framers felt there must be a way for the legislature to remove the president from office. They decided to give the power to bring charges to the House while the actual trial would be conducted by the Senate.