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What baseball players wore number 6?

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Stan the man musial

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Stan Musial ST Louis Cardinals

what penn state football players wore 6

Jay Cutler wears number 6. and Jason Street

Click on the 'Yankees Numbers' link on this page to see all players that wore #6 for the New York Yankees.

Bill Russell and Julius Erving.

al kaline of the Detroit tigers, right field. number is retired

Steve Rodriguez Rico wore no. 6. Steve Rodriguez is right. Here's a list of who wore every number:

Some MLB players who have worn or currently wear the number 6 are Al Kaline, Adam Eaton, Tony Pena, Alberto Gonzalez, and Brett Pill. Some pro basketball players who wear or wore number 6 are Alan Anderson, Kent Bazemore, Julius Erving, Derek Fisher, and Walter Berry. Some NFL players wearing the number 6 are Mark Sanchez and Jay Cutler.

Well, probably the greatest to ever wear the number 6 is Bill Russel who has more Championship ring than he does fingers

Benny Friedman wore number 6 and is in the HOF.

Johnny Pesky from the Boston Red Sox

jay cutler & bubby brister. Steve Grogan wore #14. and Pat White also wears 6. Number 6 sucks. best #6 are all college players like Prescott Burgess and Santana Moss. In NBA Julius Erving & Bill Russell. Baseball Stan Musial & Al Kaline. Now you are sorry you asked a question.

Multiple players have worn the number six on their Jersey for the Broncos. Most recently, it was worn by Jay Cutler.

Single digit numbers are very common in baseball. 3, 5, and 7 are typically taken on most professional baseball teams. However, there are no common boaseball numbers and no specific numbers for position players today. In the early days of baseball the players simply wore the number of their position, i.e. shortstop - 6, pitcher - 1, 1st base - 3, etc. Hence the terms 6-4-3 double play and so on.

There have been 5 players on the Steelers to wear the number 6: Shaun Suisham (10-present), Bubby Brister (86-92), Jim Elliott (67), Chester Johnson (40), Cosgrove (35).

Franco Baresi wore AC Milan's number 6 jersey, which has now been retired Bobby Moore, Roberto Carlos to name a few

Joe Torre while he was manager. Click on the 'Yankees Numbers' link on this page to see all players who wore number 6 for the Yankees.

Quarterback Bubby Brister wore #6 for the Steelers.

Quarterback Bubby Brister wore #6 for the Steelers from 1986-1992.

Tony Fernandez wore uniform number 6 for the 1995 New York Yankees.

* Click on the link below to see all the Yankees who wore the #6.

Bill Buckner wore number 6.

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