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Rollie Fingers:

Oakland Athletics (1968 - 1976)

San Diego Padres (1977 - 1980)

Milwaukee Brewers (1981-1985)

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When was Team Raleigh-GAC created?

Team Raleigh-GAC was created in 2010.

What state do the Indians baseball team play?

The Cleveland Indians play baseball in Ohio.

What was the full name of the first team to play baseball?

Cincinnati Reds was the first baseball team..

What baseball team does the Montreal play on?

There is no professional team in Montreal that I know of.

Can a baseball player play high school and still play in a league?

No. IF you are on a high school baseball team you can have nothing to do with your travel baseball team until the high school season has ended.

Who owns the Durham Bulls Triple-A baseball team?

The Capitol Broadcasting Company in Raleigh, NC operates the Durham Bulls.

Who was the first girl to play on a MLB team?

Major League Baseball has never had a girl play on any team.

What team does the Dogers play for?

Los Angeles for baseball

What team did torii hunter play for in the world baseball classic?

Torii Hunter didn't play for any team in the 2006 and 2009 World Baseball Classic games.

What state do thepirates s baseball team play for play for?

The Pittsburgh Pirates play in Pennsylvania.

What city did the bees play their Major League Baseball baseball?

San Jose but that was a minor league team not a MLB team.

Can a baseball team play with 8 players?

no you need 9 players to field a team

How many games does a baseball team play in a season?

A Major League Baseball baseball team plays a regular season of 162 games. Of course, more games are played when a team competes in the play-offs leading to the World Series championship.

How many people are on 1 baseball team?

it is 9 that can play at one time but each team always has more players. In Major League Baseball, a team has 25 players that are able to play in each game.

What is it called when a baseball team makes three outs on the same play?

When a baseball team makes three outs in one play is it called a Triple play its very rare and happens about once or twice a year.

Does Brazil have a baseball team?

Yes, they play baseball in Brazil. Of course there are no MLB teams.

How many players can play on a team in baseball?

9 on a team 18 on a game 9 on a team 18 on a game

What did pirates play?

The Pittsburgh Pirates are a professional baseball team.

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