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Jason Collins- THe first openly gay male Basketball player in the NBA

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Q: What basketball player is gay?
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Which uconn basketball player wears 31 baksetball jersey?

no body cares basketball is gay

What is NBA basketball player Darren Phillips' sexual orientation?


Is cheryl miller the basketball player gay?

Hell Yes! ask her brother........

Is NBA player Ben Wallace gay?

There's no reason I'm aware of to believe that basketball player Ben Wallace, who is married with two kids, is gay.

Is there a professional athlete with the last name gay?

Yes, there is basketball player Rudy Gay (Memphis Grizzlies) and a football player (New Orleans Saints) named Randal Gay. Tyson Gay is also a sprinter I believe.

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naw my auntie ain't gay dumb azzez naw my auntie ain't gay dumb azzez

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No she's not gay. She was a professional basketball player - a member of Brazil's national women's basketball team, and her "athletic looks" may lead people to believe she is gay or had a sex change.

Is any Basketball player Gay?

Dude, there's like... how many basketball players in the world? I'm pretty sure there's a couple that are flaming homosexuals...

Is basketball player Candace Parker gay with Diana Taurasi?

No. Candace Parker is heterosexual (ie she's straight) and she is married to fellow basketball player Shelden Williams, who plays for the New York Knicks.

Does a pro basketball player receive a call from the president if he announces he is gay?

It depends on the situation and if the President is interested in the story.

Who was the first openly gay NBA player?

That would be Mr. Jason Collins. Jason Paul Collins is an American professional basketball center with the Washington Wizards of the National Basketball Association. He is noted for being the first Pro Basketball player to come out publicly.

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Yes it is super gay to be correct. Wrestling and hockey are way cooler then basketball in nearly every aspect.

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The majority of gay professional basketball players are closeted, so it's impossible to count them.

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A basketball player is a person who plays basketball, especially professionally.

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