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What battles took place in Italy to capture a monestary?


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The only one of which I am aware was the battle for Monte Cassino in, I think, the Spring of 1944. When the Allies advanced north, they came against the strong defenses called the GUSTAV Line, which set up across the entrance of the Liri Valley and included the mountains on each side. The prominant mountain included the Monestary at Cassino and Castel Hill. The town of Cassino was at the base of this mountain. For almost 5 months the Allies tried to break through this German defensive position. The campaign is broken down into 3 attacks. The first attack began with the assault across the Gargilano and Rappido Rivers on 22 Jan 1944. The final breakthrough began with the spring assault on 11 May 1944, and resulted in the relief of Anzio and the liberation of Rome on 4 June.