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Grizzly bear, also called brown bear.

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Q: What bears attack people more than others do?
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Are certain species of bears more likely to attack and hurt you than others?


Why do bears attack people?

Because they are more scared of you than you are them

What types of bears are more likely to attack humans than others?

Polar. They will eat a human.

Would a bear eat you?

Bears do attack and eat humans, but with different frequency depending on the species of bear,. Almost all bears may attack humans if threatened, but polar bears are the only ones considered to deliberately hunt and eat humans.

How do people impact grizzly bears?

i dont know the answer to that but i do know why people kill grizzly bears........People kill grizzly bears because they believe them to be highly dangerous and aggressive. Which is true, however only when they are provoked or they feel their young are in danger. If you leave them alone and keep away from their offspring then they will not attack. Therefore, people kill grizzly bears (Brown bears) because they are mislead to believe the worst about them.From: Shilo Kim JohnsonRead more: Why_people_kill_grizzly_bears

Any grizzly bear on black bear aggression today?

Black bears prefer wooded areas and grizzly bears more open country, but grizzly bears can and will attack black bears when they encounter one another. Typically, black bears yield territory to the larger grizzly bears.

Which is the most vicious bear?

The brown or grizzly bear often becomes a confirmed maneater, but black bears seem to attack more often, because there are many more black bears than browns.

Are polar bears a threat to humans?

They can be,but are more prone to attack if provoked.

Do white sharks attack people?

Yes, sharks will attack people whether they are white OR black. But sharks tend to attack white people more.

For what is polar bear skin used?

Nothing! Nothing! You leave them alone and let them live in peace! Bears are my favorite animals and I don't want them harmed in any way! You don't use Polar Bears for anything. You just let them be. I mean what if someone came and used you for something. You wouldn't be happy. Think of the thing you hate doing. Now imagine you were forced to do it. And if you hurt the bears they will attack. Bears are more afraid of you than you are of them. They attack because they think YOU will attack. Also do not bother bears with cubs. If you do they will attack! I mean they will scratch you face off! They are protecting their babies. I mean you would too. So, just leave them be.

Where did the term top dog come from?

Dogs were (and likely still are) trained to attack and bring down bears. One dog would be trained to jump on the bears back and attack the back of its neck, whilst the other would attack it from underneath. The "under dog" was far more vulnerable than the "top dog" hence the terms.

What is mooses personality?

Moose are very shy animals. They won't both you, but if you bother them they will attack. Because of this, more people are killed by moose than bears each year, since people think they are friendly; like dogs or other pets, but they aren't.