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Q: What best describes a gamma ray that is given off during nuclear decay?
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Do element identities reamin the same or change during nuclear decay?

That depends on the nuclear decay type. For gamma decay, the identity does NOT change, but for alpha and beta, it does.

What type of nuclear decay produces energy instead of a particle?

gamma decay

What nuclear decay have no mass and no charge?


What are the 3 forms of nuclear decay?

Alpha, Beta, and Gamma

What are three types of nuclear decay?

The main three types are: Alpha, beta, and gamma nuclear radioactive decay. refer to the related question below.

Why are gamma rays not shown in a nuclear reaction?

A nuclear reaction, such as a nuclear bomb or in a nuclear power plant, creates nuclear radiation, which is different then gamma radiation. Gamma radiation is produced primarily by the natural decay of high energy states in atomic nuclei (gamma decay). Or from cosmic sources such as pulsars and radio galaxies. Nuclear radiation is caused by the high energy reaction of atomic particles being broken apart (splitting atoms)

Which of the following is not produced by nuclear decay A Alpha particles B Beta particles C Gamma rays D Delta particles?

There is no such thing as delta particles in nuclear decay.

Is the process of changing one element into another through nuclear decay?

transmutation of elements... the thing alchemists sought to do

Which one of these is not a type of nuclear decay A. Epsilon B. Alpha C. Beta D. Gamma?


Which one of these is not a type of nuclear decay A-Epsilon B-Alphas C-Beta D-Gamma?

A. Epsilon

Can gamma particle be emitted instead of antineutrino during beta decay?


Gamma rays are emitted by?

they are emitted by radioactivity during radioactive decay.