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piedmont plains

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Q: What biggest land feature of the Southern States in the what Plains?
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Where are coastal plains located?

Alaska and southern united states

What was the biggest point of disagreement between the Northern states and the Southern states after the Civil War?

The biggest point of disagreement between the Northern and Southern states after the Civil War was secession. The Southern states did not accept the fact that secession goes against the constitution.

What two states in the dust bowl region that have panhandles?

Texas and the southern plains

What was the major export of the southern states?

Cotton. Befor the Civil War, the Southern States were the world's biggest cotton exporters.

What geographical feature helped to ship goods from the northern states to the southern states after the invention of the steamboat?

The Mississippi River.

Why did southern states have biggest population of slaves?

They needed slaves to work on their plantations.

How did the cattle feeding shift location?

The geographic center of the cattle feeding industry began to shift from the Midwest to the southern plains states in 1972. By the 1980s the biggest cattle feeders were located primarily in Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado.

Is the US a human feature or physical feature?

The United States is a human feature. Countries are created by people, so they are human features. However, all countries have many physical features, such as mountains, plains, rivers, etc.

what is John Tylers biggest problem?

When the first southern states seceded in 1861, Tyler led a compromise movement; failing, he worked to create the Southern Confederacy

Where does the plains states lie within?

The plains are located in several states.

Which structure was built by General Philip Sheridan to fight the raiding southern plains tribes and to protect the surrounding states and territories?

Fort Sill.

What impact did cotton have on the history of America?

Cotton plantations in the Southern States brought wealth and prosperity to America. Great Britain was one of the biggest customers for Southern cotton.