What biome contains the most biodiversity?


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marine biome

f*ck the person who put marine biome because that's b*llshit

The most diverse biome is actually the wetlands but many still assert that it is the tropcial rain forest.

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The rainforest. The ocean has the greatest biodiversity of any biome. The rainforest has the greatest biodiversity of any terrestrial biome.

Forests contain about 70% of the biomass, the total weight of living organisms.

The Tundra has the least amount of biodiversity.

Tropical Rain forest and Marine biome

I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure it is not the temperate deciduous forest, but the rain forest biome that has the most biodiversity.

In Tropical rainforests because they have the most biodiversity than any other biome.

the rapid extinction of a cactus

Biodiversity in a desert biome consists of different types of plants and animals. This includes cacti, shrubs, insects, lizards, and birds.

Most likely a biome that has a good climate for trees and that has a good ecosystem for animal life.

Biodiversity is important to each biome because it gives each species an important role. It also produces more variety.

The rainforest biome contains 50% of all the species in the world, making it the most diverse biome, and home to the greatest amount of species.

Thailand contains a variety of biomes. It contains the marine biome, the tropical rain forest biome, the grassland biome, and a few other biomes.

biodiversity is the degree of variation of life forms within a given species,ecosystem,biome or entire planet.

Terrestrial refers to things having to do with the land. Biodiversity is the variation of life forms within a given ecosystem or biome. Combine the two, and there you go! (Terrestrial Biodiversity: the variation of life forms within a given ecosystem or biome that refers to species that inhabit the land.)

The closer a biome is to the equator, the higher the biodiversity because the climate in such locations is very suitable for many different species.

On Earth there are many biomes, and all of them have biodiversity. However, the rainforest biome is the one with the highest species diversity.

A hot spot in environment terms, means a biome (habitat) that is severely losing its biodiversity and is under threat from humans.

Firstly, all areas are important. While the tropics have the most biodiversity, there are different types of organisms in each biome and all contribute to global biodiversity. They each promote ecosystem sustainability and balance nature

by the number of species it contains

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