What biome does a cactus live in?


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Desert biome


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Its mostly considered a desert biome, cause there's lots of cactus and most of the animals that live there live in the desert. The climate also suggests this when you get deep into the canyon

It is the Desert biome.

It lives in the desert

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Barrel cacti generally do not like sand and prefer rocky hillsides.

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Two organisms that illustrate mutualism in the desert biome are bees and cactus. The bees pollinate the cactus and they also depend on it for food.

They live forestthey live in the grasslands and the forest biome.they also live in the tundra biome

There are some species of cactus that live in the rainforest. Generally, however, a cactus requires well drained, dry soil otherwise it developes root rot that usually kills the plant. Many species of prickly pear cactus, however, can adapt to almost any biome and could probably live in some areas of a rainforest.

they live in the forest biome


They live in the rain forest biome.

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An example of commensalism lies with the cactus wren. The cactus wren uses the cactus as a nesting area, which keeps their young safe from predators. In this, the cactus is not benefited or harmed, but the wren definitely benefits from the presence of the cactus.

Describe any unique/special characteristics this plant has that helps it survive in this biome(how is this plant adapted to live in it's enviroment?)

deserts-cactus rainforest-lots

Cacti are found in several biomes, including the desert.

I'm fairly certain that they live in the temperate steppe biome, but they may also live in the taiga biome.

The cactus plants live in any Desert area. But sometimes it depends on the type of cactus it is.

Yes, I live in the desert biome. I live in the Chihuahuan Desert.

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It is known that trout live in the freshwater biome .

The cougar does live in the Grassland biome.

yes it does live in the marine biome

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