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The arctic tundra in the summer and then they migrate to the Boreal Forest in the winter.

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What biome does a caribou live?

A Caribou lives in the Arctic Tundra

In what biome would you expect to find caribou?


What are some native animals in a tundra biome?


What biome does a caribou live in?

Arctic and sub-arctic biomes.

What biome has musk oxen arctic fox caribou snowshoe hares?


What are some first order consumers that live in the tundra biome?

Caribou and Deer

Parasitism in a tundra biome?

An example of parasitism in the Arctic Tundra is the mosquito and Caribou. The mosquito sucks the blood of the caribou and gives the caribou a rash. The mosquito gets blood and can now lay eggs.

What mammals live in the taiga biome?

Wolves, bears, caribou, fox, hares and mice.

Commensalism in a tundra biome?

The fox follows the caribou who removes the snow covering to get at lichens under the soil. The fox then hunts the subnivean mammals that have been unearthed by the caribou

What animals live in the tundra biome?

Snowy Owls, Weasels, Polar bears, Caribou and Arctic Foxes.

What is the dominant animal in a tundra biome?

There are alot like the caribou, wolves,bears, owls, artic hares, etc.

What animal in the taiga biome eats lichens?

Dall Sheep, woodland Caribou, Raindeer, Artic Lemmings, etc.

What is a symbiotic relationship that can take place in the tundra biome?

The relationship between caribou and the bacteria in their stomachs is symbiotic (mutual).

Examples of commensalism in a tundra biome?

One example of commensalism in the tundra biome can be seen between the caribou or reindeer and the arctic fox. When hunting for food, the caribou digs into the ground snow exposing some soil and bringing some subnivean mammals closer to the surface. The arctic fox follows the caribou while hunting and once the latter finishes digging, the fox continues to dig deeper in search of its own food.

What is the energy pyramid in the tundra biome?

the energy pyramid of the tundra is top fox or wolf middle could be rabbits or seals or even caribou last grass or bugs

What species is a caribou?

... A caribou.

What is the Latin word for 'caribou'?

Rangifer tarandus, Caribou/Reindeer.

What are some animals in the tundra biome?

Some examples are the arctic fox, caribou, ermine, the grizzly bear, the harlequin duck, the musk ox, the polar bear, and the snowy owl.

What are two species in the tundra biome that have become endangered or extinct due to human activities?

Polar bears are not endangered, but many Arctic species are, such as the woodland caribou, and musk oxen.

What tundra animals eat caribou moss?

Caribou eat caribou moss.

Are Caribou omnivores?

No. Caribou are herbivores.

Is a caribou a omnivore?

Caribou are herbivores.

What is the Inuits word for caribou?


What is the common name for caribou?


How do you say caribou in latin?


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