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There are a variety of birds that lay eggs in a nest on the ground. These include Killdeer birds, Ostriches, and Emus.

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How are an emu and a grouse alike?

Both birds.They both lay their eggs in a nest on the ground.

Do all birds make a nest?

No, some birds lay their eggs on the ground.

Were do birds lay eggs?

Birds will normally lay their eggs in a nest.

Do birds lay eggs in bordhouses?

No. they lay eggs in their nest

Do birds only nest to lay eggs?

no they lay nest they sleep in them

Where do birds lay there eggs?

In a nest

Where birds lay their eggs?


Do birds on lay eggs on land?

Yes, but usually in a nest. Birds do not lay eggs in water, even water birds.

How many eggs can a weaver bird lay?

A weaver bird can lay up to 6 eggs a one time. And some birds dont even lay in their nest the lay on the ground.

Do all birds lay their eggs in a nest?


What do birds lay on their neast and do babay birds fly?

When birds build a nest the then lay "eggs" in it. The eggs hatch into baby birds and the adults feed these until they are big and strong enough to fly off the nest.

What birds lay eggs in winter?

I have seen a plover nest with eggs in it so I wondered what about alare birds eggs do you no

What bird lays blue eggs in open area on the ground?

One of the only birds that lay blue eggs are Blue Jays, they do not usually lay them on the ground though. There is a very good chance it fell out of a nest.

What do ducks lay eggs on?

Ducks lay their eggs on a nest, whether it be in a tree or out on the open ground.

Does the cowbird lay eggs in another birds nest?

Yes it does

Are owls the only bird that does not weave a nest?

No. Some birds nest on the ground (curlews), some (woodpeckers) make holes in trees and some lay their eggs in other birds nests (cuckoos).

What birds that lay its eggs on the ground?

penguins :)

Do birds lay yeggs on land?

Certain types of birds do lay eggs on the ground.

Do birds generally bury their eggs?

not always because they lay there eggs in a nest mostly

Why do cakoo birds lay their eggs on the crows nest?

because they are lazy to make their own nest

Why do dodo dirds lay there eggs on the ground?

The dodo was a flightless bird, so it was natural to lay their eggs in rudimentary nest of sticks on the ground.

Which other birds than cuckoos lay eggs in other birds nests?

Nightingale lays eggs in the Crow's Nest.

Which birds kill other birds babies and claim their nests?

the cuckoo is known to rid a nest of eggs, and lay their own eggs in the nest. Then they leave the original nest owner to raise their young for them.

What birds lay eggs in a hole in the ground?


Why do some birds do not have nest?

Not all bird species build nests. Some species lay their eggs directly on the ground or rocky ledges.

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