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There are over 3500 species of Spiders in the United States. The black widow has a shiny black body with a red hourglass on it's abdomen. This one of the most poisonous spiders in the United States. The daring jumping spider, also known as the bold spider, is also black and may have a white marking on the back of its abdomen.

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The only poisonous spiders in Georgia that you have to worry about are: the Black Widow, and the Brown Recluse. Both of which are have highly potent venom, and should be avoided.

They live in South Dakota, South of Florida, Georgia, and more southern places. and it's possible to die from a bite so be careful

Spiders are all relatives and when different spiders mate they get different species of spiders. that's how black widow spiders came to england.

United States, they are called the Black widow spiders but only female black widow spiders are poisonous.

No. Not at all. I have spiders in my basement, and I don't live in the country or the state Georgia (there is a country called Georgia, for those who are not aware).

Black widow spiders live around logs and rocks any where they can make a nest

No they do not live in rochester

they are everywhere!!!!!!

Black Widow Spiders are usually found along the Lake Michigan coast line.

Yes they live in southern illinois

Not all spiders are poisonous to human beings. Among black spiders the one you need to be most concerned with is the "black widow" with the infamous red marking on its abdomen. The following website has some good descriptions of spiders that live in Indiana:

the spiders in cyprus are mostly dangerous and in phaphos they have found a black widow spider cyprus spiders are black widows,common house spiders,wolf spider,trantula,femail and mail brown widows and many more.

Black spiders that carry babies are females. These could be black widow spiders or a variety of other kinds of spiders.

The Brown Recluse and Black widow are 2 of the spiders that live in Colorado. Both are Poisonous/dangerous. There are more but I am not a spider expert to say the least.

in dark corners...or in ur shoes....

Yes, especially in South Texas.

Ant Mimic spiders are most prevalent in the South East but not entirely limited to these states (Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia and both the Carolinas).

Black Spiders was created in 2008.

Rattle Snakes, Black widdow spiders and Brown Recluse spiders,Wood Ticks

There are 6-7 species of black widow spiders. Black widow live in the rain forest, but do prefer warm and dry climates.

they probably do. i seen one today outside of my apartment. i live in valdosta Georgia right on the Florida border.

A white and black spider frequently seen in Georgia is most likely the common orb weaver. These spiders come in many different colors and patterns and are generally not harmful to people.

Some types of spiders that live in Vermont are the Wolf spider, the Black Widow, and the Comb-footed spider. Most spiders are not poisonous but it is best to leave a spider alone if a person is not able to identify it.

the black widow spider lliyvess inn thaa desrrtt

Yes, you will find black widow spiders in Minnesota.

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