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Do not attempt to use other than a Mossberg bolt made for that rifle.

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Q: What bolts will fit a mossberg 46A rifle?
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What bolts fit the slazenger 22 rifle?

You will have to ask a gunsmith

What other bolts can you put in a mossberg 146?

while many of the bolts for OTHER Mossberg 22 rifles from the same period may fit, no bolt is a "drop in" part. ANY replacement bolt will need to be checked for fit and headspace. Too little, the bolt will not close on a cartridge- too much, and the rifle can be damaged (and so can you). This is one that REALLY needs to go to a true gunsmith for help. Perhaps the most knowledgeable man on Mossbergs is Mr. Victor Havlin- I have included a link below to his website- and his wife Cheryl is also a very smart lady- they run the Mossberg Collectors Assoc.

Best Scope Rings and Bases for a Mossberg 810 A 30-06 Rifle?

You get what you pay for. Find out how many differnet brands will fit and by the best you can afford.

Will browning chokes fit mossberg shotguns?


What rifle if any will the bolt of a 1891 mauser crossfit?

It may not even fit an 1891 Mauser. Bolts are not a "drop in" part- they may require fitting (headspacing) to that individual rifle. That is where a gunsmith earns his pay.

Will a Remington 870 barrel fit a mossberg 500?


Will a mossberg 500 stock fit a mossberg 930?

Not likely. The 930 is a gas operated semi-automtic. The 500 is a pump.

What clips will fit the Mossberg M590 airsoft shotgun?

i noticed the mossberg 500 airsoft mag can but i cant find any

Will a mossberg slug barrel fit the smith and Wesson m1000?


Will a Remington 700 bolt work in a Remington 710?

no. you cannot change bolts rifle to rife without being head spaced. even if they fit you never do this.

Will a mossberg 500 barrel fit on a new haven 600at shotgun?


Will a mossberg 500 trigger housing fit a mossberg 500b?

Check Mossberg Customer Service thru their website. They will need the serial number of the gun in question- model changed during production.