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Curious George.

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What book did Forrest Gump put his feather in?

Curious George his favorite book

What happened in Forrest gump when Forrest joins the Vietnam war?

He is put into a platoon run commanded Lt. Dan Taylor.

Is the house in Forrest gump the same house in stay alive?

If you mean the house in "Stay Hungry" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger the answer is no. The house in Forrest Gump was built just for the movie and then torn down. The house in "Stay Hungry" is in Birmingham, Alabama.I'm keeping the above answer that I didn't put, because I am not sure about that movie, but this answer above me is incorrect. The house used in Forrest Gump is a very famous house that is used in several movies including "The Skeleton Key" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2" ...

How do you make book on doodle god?

put together feather and paper.

How do you make a book and Qwill on Mine-craft?

you put a feather and an ink sac and a book in your inventory crafting table

What is the song in Forrest Gump scene when he tries to rescue Jenny just before leaving for Vietnam it is heard in the background when they are walking on the bridge?

I put on my copy of the DVD and checked. There is no song playing. It's just the background music to the film.

What did Yankee Doodle put in his hat?

Yankee doodle put a feather in his hat and called it macaroni Yankee doodle put a "feather in his hat and called it macaroni"!

What store can you buy feather extensions?

You need to go to a feather beauty shop and pay them to put it in.

Is a feather lighter than water?

Yes a feather is lighter than water. Water can be gallons. A feather however is no pounds. If you have a scale at home than fill up a cup of water than get a feather, from like a scarf a pillow etc. And put the water on first, then write down the number. Then put the feather on the scale and write down that number then compare.

If you write the title of a movie do you have to put in parentheses the year it was made?

Yes, I believe that is the proper way to do it. You put the title of the movie in italics, and the year it was made in parentheses. For example, the Sixth Sense (1999) or Forrest Gump (1994).However, if it is a short film, then I believe you are supposed to put the title in quotations instead of italics. Similar to how titles of novels are italicized, while titles of short stories are put in quotation marks.

How do you paint feathers?

By dipping them in paint? take a feather and paint and put the paint on the feather. it's so easy a moron can do it.

What is the idiom meaning of a feather in a cup?

It would mean that you put a feather into a cup. Perhaps you mean "a feather in your cap," which was a way of showing an achievement and has come to mean any achievement.

How lond did Forest Gump run for in the film?

In a direct quote from the movie, Forrest says, "My mama always said that you've got to put the past behind you before you can move on, and I think that's what my running was all about. I had run for three years, two months, fourteen days and sixteen hours."

How do you put feathers in a scrapbook?

You stick it with double sided tape on the back of the feather. Get your scrapbook, and put it in.

Did Forrest gump run across country after his mother died?

Forrest began his run after the death of his mother, but her death was not the impetus that drove him. Jenny had come to stay with him and she had left unexpectedly. His heartbreak and emptiness were expressed in the film by having no sound in the scenes leading up to the point when he starts running. Later he says, "My mama always said that you've got to put the past behind you before you can move on, and I think that's what my running was all about."

What will happen if you put a feather in some oily water?

the feather will go black and sticky. when oil is in water it can kill and danger animals around it.

What are feather stars adaptations?

They can put their tentacles into the current and catch their food.

What is the point of donations in Animal Crossing Wild World?

It's to help the people of Boondox. Also if you put in the right amount they will send you a feather. The feather list goes like this: Green Feather: Donate 10,000 Bells Blue Feather: Donate 200,000 Bells Yellow Feather: Donate 500,000 Bells Red Feather: Donate 800,000 Bells Purple Feather: Donate 1,100,000 Bells White Feather: Donate 1,400,000 Bells Rainbow Feather: Donate 6,400,000 Bells

How do you get a feather excition back in your hair when it fell out?

Sorry theres no way you can put it back in your hair yourself. Sorry you willhave to go back to the salon to have it put back in. But if you put the feather in at home, just put it in again thebsame way you did the first time. Hope i could help;)

What was the typical day of a fletcher like?

A fletcher put the feather ends on arrows.

How do you make moon on doodle god?

u put a feather and dirt and tree

How do you make a wild feather safe to put into your hair?

The lice that birds carry cannot transfer to humans -- lice are species specific. But, if you are worried at all then put the feather in your freezer over night, the cold will kill anything that may be on it. :)

Can you get sick from putting a swan feather in your mouth?

You know it really depends if you are use to putting a feather in your mouth but all weird things you put in your mouth will make you sick, Yes

What is the passive form of I put the book on the table?

The book was put on the table. If you want to you can add the 'agent' = by + noun The book was put on the table by me

Why do objects of different mass fall at the same rate?

objects of different mass fall at the same rate because the acceleration due to gravity is a constant rate. this means that all objects on the earth surface when dropped accelerate at 9.8m/s^2. the only reason this doesn't happen on earth is because of air resistance. take a feather and book for example the feather has more air resistance and floats sideways as well as down compared to the book that doesn't have much air resistance. BUT if you put the feather on the book then dropped it, they would fall at the same time because air resistance is negligible at this point.

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