The Great Depression

What book was written about the Great Depression?


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Some of the best selling novels about the great depression include The Great Depression, America, The Worst Hard Time, and America's Great Depression.

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The ISBN of The Second Great Depression - book - is 1591136881.

The Second Great Depression - book - has 300 pages.

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The story takes place in Maycomb during the Great Depression.

The book Bud, Not Buddy was written by Christopher Paul Curtis this book is about the great depression if you do not like sad books this is not for you other wise buy this book at a local book store.

The setting of the book "A Jar of Dreams" is in the state of California during the Great Depression. The main character is an eleven year old girl. This book was written by Yoshiko Uchida.

The Great Depression era of the 1930s.

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The Great Controversy was written in 1858.

How about this? During the Great Depression, people learned that the QUALITY of life did not depend on how much money they had.

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The term was coined once the problems exceeded those of the previous cycle, now known as the "Long Depression" (1873-1896). Although President Herbert Hoover used the phrase "Great Depression", it was formalized in a Lionel Robbins economics book The Great Depression in 1934.

A Book about a family who travels to California to find work during the great depression.

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The era of the book Bud not Buddy is 1936, the time of the Great Depression

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the great depression was resolved 1939

Isolationism is a CONSEQUENCE of the great depression. After the Great depression many Nations focused on internal affairs.

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