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What books did Jude write in the Bible?


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The General Epistle of Jude is signed as written by Jude, but we do not know the name of the actual author. He used the name Jude, but failed to tell us whether he wanted to represent himself as the apostle Jude or Jude the brother of Jesus.

The problem is that Verse 1 says that the author, Jude, the 'slave' of Jesus, when a brother would naturally mention his relationship to Jesus, so this surely rules him out as the brother (or half-brother) of Jesus. Verse 17 speaks of the apostles as if the author was not one of them, so this also rules out Jude as the apostle Jude.


Verse 17 also tells us that the apostles had spoken of these things beforehand, verse 18-19 speak of things that were once told about the mockers of Jude's time, while verse 3 tells us that the Christian faith was once (long ago) passed on to the saints, all of which confirm that this epistle was written during the second century, long after the apostles and the brothers of Jesus were dead. The book was clearly not written by either of the persons called Jude mentioned in the gospels, and so neither Jude wrote any book in the Bible.