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The Muslims in Afghanistan are predominately Sunni Muslims

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Q: What branch of Islam is most popular in Afghanistan?
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Is sufism and Islam different path?

Sufism is a branch of the Sunni sect of Islam. Sunni's are the most popular sect.

What religion do most people in Afghanistan belong to?


Are there more sunni Muslims in Pakistan or Afghanistan?

Both nations are dominated by Sunni Muslims. Sunni Islam, roughly translated as "orthodox Islam" is the original and most popular form of Islam. About 90% of all Muslims are Sunnis as well as the near whole of converts into Islam. Shi'ite Muslims are usually found in central Iran, Iraq and parts of Lebanon. In Pakistan and Afghanistan, Shi'ites do exist, but they are an extreme minority, and often do not pertain to the major branch of Shi'ite Islam, the "Ith'na Asriah" or The Twelvers. Many practice Islam in ways influenced by hindi-pagan tradition.

In Islam what is the most popular name used?

Muhammad is the most popular name in Islam

Are most people in Afghanistan Sunni Muslims?

people in most countries are forgetting what religion is and are becoming arrogant and blind to it and the pure root of Islam. most people in Afghanistan actually Muslim by name but however follow no teaching of Islam. answering your question most people in Afghanistan are shi'a Muslims.

What is the most popular religon in Afghanistan?


What is he most popular religion in Afghanistan?


What is the most popular religion in teens?

I think Islam is most popular

The most common religion in Islam is?

Islam is a religion - therefore the answer is Islam.

What are the Afghan religions?

The religion of Afghanistan is Islam and it will always prevail there!Most Afghans are MuslimThe official religion in Afghanistan is Islam, which is practiced by over 99% of its citizens. Sunni Islam makes up 80-89% of the total population while the remaining 10-19% are Shi'as and about 1% or less practice other religions.Hinduism is said to have been in Afghanistan since its existence, while Sikhs were brought by the British.A small number of people who practice other religions may also be found in the country.IslamAlthough Afghanistan is not an Arab country, most Afghans belong to the Sunni branch of Islam. About 15 percent are members of the Shi'a sect. Afghanistan also the small communities of Hindus, Sikhs, and Jews.

What is the main religion or religions in Tajikistan?

Islam, mainly sunni branch

What is the most popular religion in pakistasn?