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What brand of shoes does Lil Wayne wear?


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he wears supra's and jordans and also hi-top nike SB but not nike dunk beccuase that to common for him he said that in weezy blog

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Lil Wayne is a hip hop singer, CEO of Young Money, producer, etc. He is known to wear Levi jeans.

special made cargos by marc jacobs

In the movie The Dawn rider, he says his boot size is 9

They were Louis Vuitton brand. but the style of them is the Ray Ban Wayfarers.

he wears gucci,supra's,addidas,nikes,jays,vans,dcs,and chucks.

There authentic in black,my friend saw him buy them that's cool right

The brand is 'Sabre'.. the type is: Madness They're awesome don't you think?

CRAP sunglasses. No, that's not a smart aleck remark, they're an actual brand.

Ralph Lauren Polo T-Shirts 3-Pack $38.00

Lil Wayne 'always' wears glasses because he is an Uncle Tom.

Lil Wayne and Birdman are fakes they wear there red flags on the left side lil Wayne wears red and blue that isn't no blood

He wears designer trainers and shoes

Adidas Originals Nike Converse Supra Vans Air Jordan Louis Vuitton A Bathing Ape Gucci

7.5 He was at a Hanger 94 in La Mesa where he bought 9 pairs of size 7.5 vans shoes


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he were's gooeey ones that are gooey and they look lik a name brand jus type in gooey

Fashion. He does it because of the looks.

Lil Wayne wears red because hes part of the gang called the Bloods and their color is red

nationals hats that stand for W [wayne] with the BIG W

Lil Wayne wears Polo Ralph Lauren underwear. This includes: Tshirts, tanktops, boxers, briefs and socks.

No Lil Wayne is not a Blood

no lil Wayne and lil chuckee are

No they are not related.

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