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Horse Isle Answer: Arabian.

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Q: What breed is considered the purest of all the horse breeds?
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Is the Arabian the purest horse breed?

The Arabian horse is believed to be the purest horse breed in the world. Because the Arabian does not have any recordable (or traceable) outside influences, it is said to be a "pure" breed. The Arabian though was used to influence many, many breeds of horses including common breeds such as the Thoroughbred.

Which breed of horse is considered to be the oldest and the most purest?

The Icelandic Pony.

What are breeds of royal Arabian horses?

The horses of Arabia include the Arabian horse and the barb. The Arabian horse is the purest breed of horse in the world.

What is a pedigree horse?

A horse with a pedigree is considered a "purebred" meaning he is not of mixed heritage. The purest and oldest breed of domestic horse is the Arabian and all other breeds (including Thoroughbreds) can trace their lines back to the Arabian Horse. As new breeds are developed, different purebred breeds are crossed until the desired traits are achieved.

What are considered old horse breeds?

The Arabian is the oldest horse breed in the world.

Which breed of horse is consided to be the oldest and purest?

Well technically the Przewalski's horse is the oldest and purest of the wild horses, in fact it's the only truly wild breed of horse in the world. However there are three real contenders for oldest and purest of the domestic horse breeds. These would be the Caspian, the Akhal-Teke, and the Arabian. Recent research however shows that the Arabian is actually a cross between the Caspian and the Akhal-Teke as it has blood markers for both of these two breeds, but Caspian and Akhal-Teke lack markers for Arabian blood. The research into this is fairly new and not well publicised and the Arabian Horse Association maintains it's belief that the Arabian is the oldest and purest breed.

Are Thoroughbreds a real breed?

Yes, Thoroughbreds are a real breed. They are in fact now one of the purest breeds of horse on the planet and have a closed studbook to prevent outside blood from being introduced.

What was the first breed of horse discovered?

Arabians are recognized as the first and purest purebred horse breed.

What is the oldest purebred horse breed in the world?

The oldest and purest horse breed by far is the Arabian.

What horse breeds can you cross and make a new breed and what breeds do they make?


When did horse breeds records start?

It depends on which breed.

What types of naturally occurring horse species still exist today?

the Arabian is the oldest and purest breed of horse ever