What breed is pugs dog?

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A pug is a short dog with a squashed face and a curly tail. They are very loving, caring and are good family dogs.

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Q: What breed is pugs dog?
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How do pugs reproduce?

Pugs are a breed of dog. They reproduce sexually.

What breed of dog does Prince Charles have?


What is a lazy dog breed?

pugs and bulldogs are both moderatley lazy

Are Pugs considered an intelligent breed of dog?

Yes pugs are considered an intelligent, albeit slightly stubborn breed. They are not in the top 5 but they are up there. They are also very comical, loyal, loving and a great family dog, but not a good watch dog.

Do pugs pur?

Pugs are a distinctive breed of small dog. Generally, dogs do not purr. Cats, on the other hand, do purr.

What has the author Filomena Doherty written?

Filomena Doherty has written: 'Pugs Kw104 (Kw Dog Breed Library)' 'Pugs (\\'

What are puggies?

There really is no such word as 'puggies'. However, the word 'puggies' is commonly used to describe baby pugs. Pugs are a breed of dog.

What size are pugs?

Pugs are typically a small breed of dog. They fall into the category of "toy dogs." However, pugs are prone to obesity, so they can sometimes become very fat.

Were dogs bred with pigs to create pugs?

It is not possible to breed a dog with a pig. Their genes are incompatible.

How old do pugs have to be to breed them?

with any dog your bitch is ready to give puppies after her 3rd menstrual cycle.

Why breed pugs?

Most People who decide to breed Pugs do it simply because they love Pugs. A different more goal-orientated perspective of a pug breeder might be to breed their show quality pug dogs in the hopes of siring a champion- that alone would make all the effort that goes into breeding pugs worth it. Lastly, another yet strongly disapproved reason why people breed pugs is for the money.

What are the Pug dogs breed for or used for?

Pugs were originally breed to be companions.

Do pug dogs have black tongues?

They can. Black on the tongue is due to extra pigmentation, something every dog breed can experience, including pugs.

Where can you get a good pug dog?

I strongly recommend you buy a pug that is kennel club and from a breeder that only breeds pugs, or only pugs and another breed; you sould never buy any dog from a breeder that breeds more than two breeds. DO NOT BUY FROM A PET SHOP AS THEY GET THEM FROM FARMS THAT BREED LOTS AND LOTS OF DOGS. HOPE IT HELPED- :D

What is a dog's name called?

The name of a dog is simply referred to as its breed. Different breeds include pugs, English bulldogs, Pomeranians, and basset hounds.

What is the most uglyst dog?


What were pugs originally bred for?

Pugs original purpose was as a companion dog, they did not have a working function.

Is a pug a good dog for children?

Well, Pugs are GREAT dogs! Pugs are fantastic family dogs that children adore! They are playful, and calm and everybody just loves them! If you are stuck on what breed of dog you should get and you are worried because you have a child, get a pug!Although pugs need their wrinkles cleaned, but the whole family and community will just love and adore your new pug guaranteed!

What does pugs eat?

well pugs eat normal dog food dry or wet but if you mean what kind of human food does pugs eat then you can try mixing their dog food with plain rice.

What is the best small dog for a small apartment that doesn't have an attitude and isn't destructive?

Pugs are a fantastic small breed. Because they don't require a lot of exercise, they can live happily in small apartments. Pugs do, however, tend to be noisy breathers!

How old can pugs live up to?

It doesn't depend on the breed.

How do pugs help us?

They don't. They were breed to be a life companion.

What kind of breed are the dogs from Hotel for Dogs?

There are pugs, a westie, a Boston terrier, a mastiff, a bulldog, a Chinese cresin dog, a collie, and a lot of mixed breeds.

Which breed was first pugs or bull dogs?

Bulldogs were bred first as they had a practical purpose. Pugs were developed later as companions.

Do pugs live indoor or outdoor?

Pugs are a domesticated breed of dogs and, as a much loved pet, mainly live indoors.